Street Coffee

Caffeine-based drinks, fast service, to go.

A selection of long, hot or cold, drinks to bring always with you or to order via mobile with delivery service. Do you have no time? No problem: the 50% of our drinks it's ready in less than 30 seconds

Your 12 ounces

of daily recharge

American style classics...

In our iconic DOUBLE WALL cup

Filter Coffee, Cappuccino or Macchiato? Customize them with your favourite aroma, topping or whipped cream and enjoy them freely: thanks to our cups technology, they will be perfect to taste also after 40 minutes after the service.

…also in a iced version

A perfect hydrating boost, also in the hottest days.

Try our classic drinks also in an iced version. They are perfect for re-hydrate and refresh yourself in every moment of the day, thanks to their high water content.

12 ounces

of urban drinks

Juice & Smoothies

Refreshing, thirst-quenching, 100% natural

Try our fruit-based juices, served in 30 seconds, and our Smoothies with real fruit pulp, for a more refreshing break. Try them also with milk or vegan drink.

Tea & Chai

An herbs&spices energy boost

A wide range of tea, Chai Latte and Matcha, made with carefully selected ingredients. Hot and cold, ideal for a natural recharging break, with exotic flavours.


Prepare to have your taste buds tickled

Milk, cappuccino or fruit based, hot or cold, with a whipped cream mountain and your favourite topping on. Enjoy it with a spoon, for a truly greedy experience.

New in!

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Our R&D department looks for new trends everyday, to offer you every season a brand new product! Came and visit us and follow us on social media to discover all the news. Don't miss also our special promotions!