Stay Hungry!

When hunger strikes, 12oz comes in action!

We’re here to stop your hunger with a selection of bagels, focaccia, bretzel and veggie sandwiches!

Colorful world


Glazed donuts, who has never eaten one?

12oz Donuts are that kind of addiction that it’s really hard to quit!


A day starting with the smell of freshly baked brioches is certainly the beginning of a wonderful day!


An authoritative scientific research claims that a slice of cake can instantly improve your mood. At 12oz you can choose between apple pie, chocolate mousse cake and strawberry cheesecake!


If muffins were humans, they would certainly be sweet, comprehensive and protective persons, bringing lots of happiness to everyone!

Brownie & cookie

“that’s the way the cookie crumbles”

Have no fear! Our biscuits crumble just to melt in your mouth!

Smile, there's 12oz

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